Our history.


Transfret is a french and independent company created in 1995 by its current manager M. Patrick Bouvier.

To create his own company he needed to return to school to pass a transportation certificate of professional competence.

He started with few resources and with only one employee in an express delivery service, subcontracting for a big company.

In 2002, the company was elected by « L’officiel des transporteurs » and received its first award : The transporter craftsman star of the year.
L’année suivante, un grand pas s’effectue avec la construction de la plate-forme logistique. Située à Allonzier La Caille, au niveau de la barrière de péage et à mi-chemin entre Annecy et Genève, elle est implantée sur un terrain de 5000 m² avec un bâtiment de 1100 m² et huit portes de quai et 600 m² de stockage.

In 2005, the business development continued and we received an award again : the brand image star.

In constantly researching quality and services improvement, we wish to enter a new phase. In pursuing this goal, we created a transportation asset logistic management in 2008 which will offer the customers national and international transportation.

Then we developed luxury car, sport and collection car transportation and invested in a bed truck and a closed car-transporter for 4 and 6 cars. A new award : the diversification star in 2011.

In 2012 Transfert doubled its storage size to have a closed and secured storage capacity of 2150 m2.

Finally, for its 20th birthday, Transfret became a member of Volupa,l a national and international network, and developed a batch of palette transportation to respond to the requests of the clients.

Nowadays, Transfret is a 48 employee quality team and a 53 vehicle stock – Light vehicles and heavy trucks, to provide you a delivery service in same day and D+1 everywhere in France and in Europe.