Transfret is a real partner, at your service for 20 years !

Transfret is a french and independent company created in 1995 by its current manager M. Patrick Bouvier.


To create his own company he needed to return to school to pass a transportation certificate of professional competence.

He started with few resources and with only one employee in an express delivery service, subcontracting for a big company.

In 2002 the company was elected by « L’officiel des transporteurs » and received its first award : The transporter craftsman star of the year.

In 2005, the business development continued and we received an award again : the brand image star.

In constantly researching quality and services improvement, we wish to enter a new phase. In pursuing this goal, we created a transportation asset logistic management in 2008 which will  offer  the customers  national and international transportation.

Then we developed luxury car, sport and collection car transportation and invested in a bed truck and a closed car-transporter for 4 and 6 cars. A new award : the diversification star in 2011.

In 2012 Transfert doubled its storage size to have a closed and secured storage capacity of 2150 m2.

Finally, for its 20th birthday, Transfret became a member of Volupa,l a national and international network, and developed a batch of palette transportation to respond to the requests of the clients.

Nowadays, Transfret is a 48 employee quality team and a 53 vehicle stock – Light vehicles and heavy trucks, to provide you a delivery service in same day and D+1 everywhere in France and in Europe.

The manager’s message

Driving for others, the taste for transportation done well and satisfied clients led me to decide to become a driver for myself and to create Transfret. This became my passion 21 years ago.
The difficulties and particularities which I know well, and the values of work and honesty  drove my ambition and my goals.
My ambition is to guarantee the 48 Transfert  employees and their families their work continuity in  good economic conditions  with modern and adapted tools.
This makes a reliable, competent and competitive team to follow our commitments, ensuring tranquility” for our clients.
My goal is simple and modest: deliver daily in the best way, in France and In Europe the freight you entrust with us.
This is the key of our success, our reputation and our future.

At your service
Patrick Bouvier

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